What is AffinityEARN?

AffinityEARN is an industry-leading referral program designed to reward consultants for introducing us to top talent and for connecting Affinity with new clients.

This program offers consultants the opportunity to make the most of their professional connections, earning up to $50,000 for introducing us to new clients or $4,000 for introducing us to top-notch talent. If you have any questions, our FAQs link is available for reference.

how does it work? Simple.

1. Referring a Candidate
Know someone great? Introduce us!


If you introduce someone to us and we successfully place them; OR


You refer someone we already know to a specific opportunity;

You can EARN up to $4,000/year ($2/hr on placement)

2. Referring a New Client
Are you getting calls & emails about other opportunities? Know a client looking to hire? Started at a new company that we don't work with? Introduce us!


If you introduce us to a contact that is looking to hire and we acquire a new client; OR


You simply forward a job opportunity that you’ve received from the market and we acquire a new client as a result of your lead;

You can EARN up to $50,000 ($2/hr on all consultant placements)

The AffinityEARN referral program rewards you for helping us provide unrivaled talent to our clients.

How to get started:

1. You can fill out the table below; OR You can also send
2. Referrals, Leads or Questions to earn@affinity-group.ca


We'll provide you with the information necessary to invoice us. We pay on a quarterly basis.

If you provide a referral that a client hires as an employee, we'll pay you $1,000.

Feel free to email us at earn@affinity-group.ca to ask whether we're already working the client.

We'll pay you $2/hr on every consultant that we place with the client up to a maximum of $50,000.

If you refer us someone we already know, but you refer them to a specific project that we hadn't identified them for, you'll be eligible to EARN!

  • Consultants we place - As long as they are on the same initial engagement, you will EARN. You will not earn on subsequent engagements where we place the same consultant with new clients.
  • We need to place the consultant in the year after you refer the consultant in order for you to be eligible to EARN.
  • Ex. You refer us Jane Smith on 7.1.23 - you'd be eligible to EARN $2/hr on the first contract engagement we place Jane on between 7.1.23 and 6.30.24 for the entire life of the engagement. After 6.30.24, you would not be eligible to EARN on a contract placement (even an initial contract placement).

We'll follow up with you and let you know.

Yes! We've already paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars and we look forward to helping more consultants EARN!