Why recruit globally with Affinity International:

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Access to Talent
Maximize your access to the world's best IT talent. In Latin America alone there has been a 26% growth in IT employment over the last 5 years. We can help you access nearly one million IT professionals in Latin America alone!
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Cost Savings
With IT wages continuing to spike in the US and Canada, companies are struggling to meet project demands and balance budget. We can help you reduce costs by up to 50% without compromising quality.
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Expand Your footprint
Expand into new markets, enhance your customer support with new languages, or move to a 24/7 delivery/support. We can support you in almost any language or any country.
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Proven Process
With a distributed, international team, our proven process screens through candidates and provides comprehensive candidate profile packages that makes hiring and payroll easy. Set up a meeting to see why we have a 95% client satisfaction rating!

How it works:

Our recruiting process makes hiring from around the world as easy as hiring from around the corner.

  • 1

    Qualify your open business and get a quote on the cost of talent in countries around the world with our experienced account management team.

  • 2

    Receive qualified 'candidate presentation packages' complete with candidate videos, technical assessments, and resumes in 1-2 weeks.

  • 3

    Select the candidates that you want to interview and move forward with the candidates of your choice.

  • 4

    Enjoy the ease of payroll, billing, time management, and team management with one integrated point of contact - Affinity.

How we can support you.

Whether you want to recruit globally to build your remote team, or you are looking to relocate talent from around the world, we are here to help.


Build remote teams with international contractors. We recruit and payroll your international team.

Search & Relocation

We recruit your team members and help you relocate them.

Remote & Relocation

Lose no time. Your new team member starts remotely while they wait for the paperwork to come through to support their relocation.

The World is Now Your Talent Pool

Our global scope allows us to find the top IT talent anywhere in the world. We have provided clients with consultants from the following countries:

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Next Steps

Enter your contact information to speak with one of our qualified account managers today:

Common Questions:

Our experienced team of recruiters average 5+ years of local and international recruitment, in addition to our proven process for vetting candidates has led us to a 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

Sourcing and screening great talent normally takes 5-10 business days.

We can recruit in almost 100 different countries around the world. For many of our North American clients, we recruit in Latin America to take advantage of similar time zones and business climates.

We can support your immigration process and make sure you successfully bring your new employee into Canada.

Your contract will be with Affinity Group USA or with Affinity Group Canada.

For the time being, our immigration service is only available in Canada. However, we can recruit and engage great contract talent to work remotely for our US-based clients.

About Affinity

Affinity is an IT staffing and consulting company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

We work across all of Canada with over 100 Canadian-based companies and over 1,000 IT consultants. We provide our clients with IT & business expertise to help them deliver on their IT & Business projects.

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