Affinity processes the candidate through its rigorous assignment-matching and screening process

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1. Critical Resume Review

Our recruiters will screen each resume to ensure that the appropriate job stability, skillset and knowledge are represented by the prospective candidate.

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2. In-Depth Phone Screen

A phone interview is conducted to assess the potential consultant's communication style and quality, work history, technical and business qualifications & cultural expectations.

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3. In-Person Interview

Once a candidate is successful with the phone screening, a Recruiter will meet candidates either in-person or via web conference to ensure they are the right cultural fit.

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4. Technical Assessment

We have an extensive technical assessment which can be completed either online or via one of our principal consultants in order to ensure substantiation of the candidate's resume and interview assertions.

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5. Candidate Scoring

Affinity carefully evaluates and measures each candidate against its proprietary in-house scoring matrix to determine a match-fit against the client's requirements.

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6. Professional References

Affinity diligently conducts at least two reference checks for each candidate via telephone/Skype.


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